Practice Areas
Debt Collection:
In our eyes, a debt is to be honoured - whether by full payment or re-structuring. As your representatives, we’ll collect money for you, not excuse
Mineral Mandates, Energy, Oil & Gas:
Uganda, and truly the region, is ‘gifted by nature’. This is why that phrase has become one of our national mottos. This abundance of natural wealth extends far below our skies, treetops and savannah grasslands to the depth of our earth where our precious mineral, oil and gas deposits are found. If you have the desire and expertise to extract any of these, we have the diligence and skill to legally help you to. Not only do we have experience forming and now helping to run mineral mining and oil exploration companies, but from initial exploration to royalty share, we can advise on and draft contracts for all stages of the upstream or downstream mining, drilling, production, transportation and clean-up process.
Human Rights:
Our practice has frequently intervened on behalf of others in human rights matters, pushing for progressive interpretations of legislation to afford the broadest protection to vulnerable groups. This intervention has extended across a range of issues such as health, education and other public service access. As champions for Human Rights, we ensure all that we do and all we aim to achieve is fair, right and Human Rights compliant.
Intellectual Property:
Not only do we work daily with the tangible form of property that most business people are used to such as realty, stock and shares but we also have a specialisation in intellectual property (IP) protection. Our extensive experience of researching for and advising both domestic and foreign clients on IP Protection puts us in the forefront in helping companies with trade-mark and other IP registration, negotiating and managing licensing and clearances, investigating infringements and passing-off and reaching workable and acceptable solutions where disputes arise.
Where there is a wrong, we can and have acted for both sides - both the person bringing the case and the one defending it with a distinguished track record of success in Civil Matters, usually through mediation. Where crime is involved, although our preference is resolve matters before a prosecution is brought against our clients, we still have extensive experience of defending cases at trial and on appeal throughout the court system in Uganda. On both accounts we have advised on or acted in a range of matters from litigation arising from bankruptcy and dissolution of partnership to director deadlock and employee or senior executive misconduct. We always try to bring order and resolution to disorder and uncertainty.
Public Interest Litigation:
Working closely with clients, we respond to challenges, formulate and carry forward strategic litigation that enhance public services and expand the framework of law and policy. Through hour Public Interest Litigation practice, we seek a better solution for all: progressive socio-economic, environmental and cultural transformation of our country.

Real Estate:
Uganda has several different systems under which land can be owned. Each system depends on who wishes to own the land and where in the country that land is. There have been several major land reforms and land is often at the centre not only of great wealth but also of great conflict. Ownership can vary from complete individual ownership to limited, communal ownership. People and companies alike need somewhere to call home be it a residential plot for a person or a commercial plot for a Corporate HQ. Whether you are a Telecoms Company negotiating Right of Way, a Mining Company seeking Variation of Use or a Tenant wanting to extend their lease, we can help you legally, with certainty and a great deal of peace of mind secure your licence, lease, freehold or other title. Our expertise runs from residential to business, from schools, shops and restaurants to farms, warehouses and factories. Whatever kind of service or business you provide, we can help with your real estate and legal needs.

Legal Research, Consultancy, Conferences, Workshops & Training:
To help improve public and professional understanding of law and through our offerings of research, publication and training, we promote new thinking, challenge current issues and encourage stimulating debate. In the final analysis, our aim is to create a more conducive business environment for our clients. To this end, our extensive range of legal analysis, seminars, workshops, training opportunities and publications are open to all interested parties.

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