The firm is staffed by competent, committed and conscientious lawyers, paralegals and researchers headed by Mr. Muhamed Ali Kajubi, Advocate of the High Court of Uganda and all courts surbodinate.
A Law Graduate of the prestigious Makerere University ('03), Uganda's first tertiary institution and an alumni of the Law Development Centre (LDC) ('04), the first and currently only Bar School in Uganda, M. A. Kajubi has proven to be an 'all-round' lawyer equally comfortable with Commercial & Corporate Law for companies, Pro Bono work for lesser paid individuals and Corporate Social Responsibility activities for community organisations.

For over a decade, M. A. Kajubi has personally been responsible for starting up and helping continue in operation some of the newer, dynamic firms and corportions operating in Uganda and elsewhere. His client list proves to be truly international encompassing not only Ugandans from all regions of the country but also others from as far afield as Brazil, China, Australia, Qatar and Kazhakstan, to name but a few. Many of these clients now go on and form part of M. A. Kajubi's extensive network of personal connections.

Although, in the past, he has been described as the litigation equivalent of the other, boxing Muhamed Ali, M.A. Kajubi has proven intuitively knowing of when a client should fight and, more importantly, when a client should mediate. This capability has made M.A. Kajubi particularly sought after in situations of potential relationship breakdown from Director Deadlock to Succession and the Administration of Estates.

Of course, M.A. Kajubi would be the first to point out that success in any of the work that he does is not solely attributable to him but is largely due to the commitment, ability and support provided to him by Ms. Winnie Nampewo and Emmanuel J. Oteng, his legal and Personal Assistants respectively.

Like her Principal, Ms. Nampewo too is a graduate of both Makerere University and the LDC whilst Emmanuel J. Oteng, qualified and worked as a Fellow of the Institute of Legal Executives in the United Kingdom before moving to Uganda and joining the firm.

In recent years, one or other member of the firm has attended or been a delegate at, variously, the Triennial Commonwealth Judges & Magistrates' Conference, International Bar Association African Regional Forum, Qatar Law Forum and University Inter-collegiate Moots. It is through activities like this that the team keeps a firm finger on the pulse of development in legal skills and knowledge.

It is this commitment to excellence and improvement that the firm offers you.

It is this commitment to excellence and improvement that gives you the advantage.

M. A. Kajubi & Co., Advocates
'Excellence, ...... on its own, is never enough'.
Principal Advocate.

Mr. Kajubi Muhamad Ali Esq.
LLB. (Hons) (MUK), Dip. LP. (L.D.C.)
Legal Assistant.

Ms. Winnie Nampewo.
LLB. MUK, Dip. LP. (L.D.C)
Personal Assistant to the Principal Advocate.

Mr. Emmanuel J. Oteng,
F. Inst. L. Ex.

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